About PedalBox


It’s never too late, you CAN do it. What are you waiting for?


The Concept


Intense, results driven workout designed to boost your metabolism and torch those calories


The workout:  Boxing, Air Bike intervals, and varied HIIT exercises.

(jabs, hooks, sprints, kettlebells, body weight, dumbbells, battleropes)


60 minute class: Warm up and prep, PEDAL + BOX + HIIT, repeat.

Scaled to three levels (lightweight, middleweight, heavyweight)


What Should you Expect?

  • Good beats

  • High energy intervals

  • Hard work

Whether you are an amateur, or are ready for the ring, PedalBox will push you to the limit.


How is our class low impact?

  • Aqua training bags (filled with water). More follow through on your punches, less impact on your joints than traditional punching bags.
  • Schwinn Air Bikes - The harder you work, the more resistance you create, tailoring the ride to your level. Lower impact, higher intensity than traditional spin bikes.
  • Fundamental Exercises – Safe and effective exercises instructed by the coaches, scaled to your fitness level.


The Founders

Duncan and Jessica Byrne were brought together through their passion for fitness - they first met at a gym in London in 2012.

Duncan Byrne has worked as a strength & conditioning coach for over a decade. He has extensive experience in boxing, strength and conditioning, weightlifting, CrossFit, and personal training.


Jessica Byrne has spent most of her career working in hospitality and brings that experience with her to the gym, focusing on creating a positive and encouraging member experience. As a certified group fitness instructor, she brings connectivity and community to the gym environment.

Both love boxing, weight training, and had a love/hate relationship with the Schwinn Airdyne bike. After using these training methods to get in shape for their wedding in 2016 and seeing amazing results, they had the idea to combine all three together for a killer workout, and PedalBox was created for the masses.